How to Copy Records from One Dynamics 365 Org to Another using Export and Import

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A simple way to copy data from one Dynamics 365 organization to another is to use the export and import functionality.

Let’s say we have created some new accounts in the source system. We will create an advanced find to show us accounts created today so we can export them:

Click Export Accounts:

Export to Static Worksheet:

This will download an xlsx spreadsheet. Open the file:

Optionally, click on the column heading to Unhide the hidden rows:

You will see the record identifiers of each of the exported records:

Go to File->Save As and save as a CSV file:

Click OK to save the single sheet:

We now have a CSV file that we can import into our target environment.

In the target environment, go to Settings->Data Management:

Select Imports:

Then Import Data:

Confirm and click Next:

Use the Default (Automatic Mapping) and click Next:

Select Account as the target entity:

Map the fields for import. You can map the Account Primary Key if you want to keep the Id the same:

Click OK to ignore unmapped fields:

Click Next:

Select to Allow Duplicates or not. If a duplicate is found it will error. Click Submit:

Click Finish:

Go to Imports to see the status. This will change to Submitted, Parsing, Transforming, Importing and Complete:

Once Complete, the records will be in the source system if successful.




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  1. Question: Should I need to delete the records identifiers from the CSV before importing the csv to the OTHER organization or to leave them alone and the system will handled it?
    If left as the were exported from Organization A will the UID will remain the SAME after the import in the Organization B into which the records were imported?

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