Dynamics CRM REST Builder


CRM REST Builder is a 3rd party tool available for download that helps in generating JavaScript code for the 2011 and Web API REST endpoints.

Download the tool here: https://github.com/jlattimer/CRMRESTBuilder/releases

Select the solution to download:

This will download the managed solution ZIP:

Import this into CRM. Refresh the Solutions page and you will see a new button:

This will open the REST builder. Select some code to generate, for example a retrieve multiple jQuery request:

Select some code to execute and press Create Request. This will generate the JavaScript code:

This code can then be executed by pressing Execute Code:



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  1. I want to retrieve fields based on the entity selection from a option set ex:
    I had entity optionset consisting of account cntct and lead when i select any of the entityfrom that i want all fields should be binded into another option set called fields

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