Dynamics 365 Subgrids

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Subgrids are grids on a form that display records from another entity. We will go through an example of adding subgrids to a form using Accounts as an example.

The account form in CRM looks something like the following:

Notice there are Contacts and Recent Opportunities subgrids. To add more, we will need to customize the form:

Select a place on the form to insert the subgrid:

Select Insert->Subgrid:

This opens the subgrid form:

Here we can define the subgrid properties. Let’s say we want to display only records related to this account for a given entity. We can keep the Records selection as Only Related Records, and then select the Entity:

Let’s select Leads. We can now select the default view:


The properties should now look like this:


Note the additional options as well:

The subgrid is now added to the form:

Now when you go into the form the Leads information will be shown:



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