Dynamics 365 IFrame OnReadyStateComplete

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The OnReadyStateComplete event is an event in Dynamics 365 that tells you when an iframe has completely loaded. This is useful if you are referencing controls within the iframe through code.

To use it, go to a form and create a new iframe:



Add the code to a function:

function IFrameLoaded()
 alert("The iframe has finished loading");

And add the function to the event:


Select an account to see the webpage and iframe load:



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  1. Hi,
    Let’s say I am using Contact form, and I added new iFrame to display another page from another external site. inside iFrame page, there is button to read some information from database and display them inside iFrame page. Now how can I pass these information to main Contact Page?
    As example, in iFrame page there is field First Name and I want to pass it to firstname field of Contact page.

    I appreciate your help and support.

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