Dynamics 365 – Customizing the Site Map with Sitemap Designer

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In Dynamics 365, you have the ability to customize the site map, which controls how the menu is displayed in Dynamics 365:

To do this, go to Settings->Customizations:

And select Customize the system:

Select Client Extensions->Site Map:

This will take you to the Sitemap Designer in PowerApps:

There are 3 parts to a sitemap:

  • Area – e.g. Sales, Marketing, Settings etc
  • Group – e.g. My Work, Customers, Tools etc
  • Subarea – e.g. Dashboards, What’s New, Accounts, Contacts etc

Let’s first rename existing ones.

Select the Sales area, and click to edit. Rename to Sales Renamed:

Select the My Work group, and select to edit it. Enter My Work Renamed:

Now, we will add to the site map. Click to add an area:

Select the grey bar to scroll to the new Area:

We will call it New Area:

With the new Area selected, we will select Add Group:

We will keep this called New Group:

Now select New->Subarea:

This will display:

We will select Accounts:

Note selecting Components, you can drag and drop to create:

Note to delete an area, click Delete:

Once complete, click Save and Publish:

Refresh Dynamics 365. You will see the changes:



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  1. Hi. When I use a url on sitemap to see a Entity View, the web browser open a new window. It is possible force open the view on the same window ?

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