Creating Reports with Dynamics CRM Report Wizard

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To build a basic report in Dynamics CRM, you can go through the following steps by using the Report Wizard.

  1. In CRM, select Reports from the menu:

  2. Select New from the menu:

  3. This will open the New Report window. Select Report Wizard Report as the Report Type and click Report Wizard:

  4. Click Start a new report:

  5. Select Account as the primary record type. We will name the report “Test Account Report”:

  6. The next screen will allow you to enter any filtering criteria. We will ignore this for now.

  7. We can then add grouping and sorting, and select the columns we want to display to the user. Click on “Click here to add a column”:

  8. Select Account Name:

  9. Also add City and click Next.
  10. We have the option here to define the format of the report. Select “Table Only” for now:

  11. Select Next and Finish:

  12. We can now run the report. To do this, select Run Report from the report menu:

  13. The report is displayed on the screen:

To edit the report, find the report in the Available Reports view and select Edit from the menu:

Note Start from an existing report is selected:

Click through an add Annual Revenue as a field:

As we have a numeric field, we can now use Chart and table and select a chart:

Select the chart type:

We can customize the format here. Click Next and Finish:

Run the report and you will see the report is now showing as a chart:

In another post I will talk about how to create a different kind of chart in CRM and have that viewable in dashboards.


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