Creating a Workflow in Dynamics 365

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In Dynamics 365, workflows can be created through Processes. To access Processes, go to Settings->Processes:

Or through Customizations->Processes:

We will create a Workflow that sends an email when an Account is Created.

Click New. Note workflows can be synchronous or asynchronous (run in background). We will choose asynchronous:

This takes us to the Workflow Designer. Click Add Step. This is what will happen when our event, account created, is triggered:

There are many options available. We will choose Send Email:

You will see below. Click Set Properties:

We will set the body of the text to be the Account Name entered:

Save and Activate the Workflow:

Now, create a new Account:

If you want to see the status of the workflow, go to the Process Sessions of the Workflow to see the status. Below is In Progress:

Once complete, you will see the email:



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