Agent Scripts in Unified Service Desk

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Unified Service Desk has the ability to implement agent scripts. Let’s say when a customer calls, you would like your call center agent to go through a specific set of greetings and questions. You can configure this so USD will ask the agent every time, and customize it depending on certain parameters.

The first thing to do before using Agent Scripts is to create a hosted control that will display the actual agent script:

Now, go to USD in Dynamics 365 and select Agent Scripts:

You will see the screen below. Click New:

Let’s say we want our USD agent to ask the customer how they are. We will call our script Greeting:

We will create 2 answers for this greeting, good and bad:

Add the answers back into the Agent Script Task:

Now in order to use this, we will add the agent script to our account load. Go to Account Hosted Control:

From the events available, we will select Browser Document Complete:

This will open:

Click to add. Select the hosted control we created above to display the agent script, the action to GoToTask and the data as the name of the agent script we created, “Greeting”:

Once created, load the agent script back onto the BrowserDocumentComplete event:

Now start USD and select an account. You will see the agent script loaded:



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  1. Hi Carl,

    In this example, if the user marks both answers when correcting how the customer is feeling, how would I ‘unmark’ the first answer?

    Kind regards,

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