Unified Service Desk – Pause Action

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In Unified Service Desk, the Pause action pauses the execution of an action without blocking message processing. This is useful if you are waiting for the application you are integrating with to complete a task. Here we will go through an example of using this.

Let’s say we have a hosted control of type CRM Page. We would like to display a web page, wait for 10 seconds, then display another web page. For example, we want to display a Google disclaimer, give the user time to read it, then display the google search page. We will attach these 3 actions to our Desktop ready event to run when USD starts.

First, go to Desktop Ready:

Add the disclaimer action to navigate the control:

Then the Pause action:

Finally the load Google search page:

You will see:

Open USD. You will see:

Then after a 10 second pause:



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