PowerApps Part 3 – Using an App on a Smartphone and Web

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In our previous posts, we created an app that connects to Dynamics 365 and showed how to configure the app settings, share the app with users and publish the app. In this post, we will use the app on a smartphone and on the web.

A nice feature of PowerApps is that when you create an app for mobile, you don’t need to go through the additional step of registering the app on any app store, publishing the app, handling updates etc. This is all done through the PowerApps app, which is a single download.

The first step is to download the PowerApps app on your smartphone. Go to your app store and download it:

Install the app, open it and log into the app using your 365 credentials. You will see a list of PowerApps available to you.

Below is a screen shot of my phone, and we can see the app we have previously created, Dynamics Accounts App:

Select the app by clicking on it. You will be taken to the first screen we defined, showing a list of accounts from Dynamics 365:

Select one of the accounts by clicking the > arrow. This will display the account:

Make an update to the account, e.g. update the zip code:

Log into Dynamics 365 web client. We can see the update has been made:

To use the app on the web, sign into https://home.dynamics.com and search for the app:

You will then be able to use the app online:

In our next post, we will look at adding a Flow to our app.


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