Thinking of Learning Power BI? Check Out My Top Learning Resources


Thinking of learning Power BI? There are plenty of great ways to learn Power BI and get Power BI training. Below is a list of my favorite resources. All are free, except the paid courses as mentioned at the end (no affiliation, but including these for completeness).

1. Guy in a Cube

Guy in a Cube is a YouTube Channel by Microsoft employees Adam Saxton and Patrick LeBlanc:

The guys do a great job of making Power BI both easy to understand and making the videos funny, two things you would not imagine going together. Be sure to subscribe.

2. Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn is a new learning portal from Microsoft with 80 hours of learning content for Azure, Dynamics and Power BI. You can access it at So far there are a couple of Power BI courses, including Get Started with Power BI:

3. Microsoft Guided Learning

You can access the Microsoft Guided Learning at:

Here, you will go through a guided learning process (you can skip around), learn what Power BI is and how to use it. It contains documentation and videos.

4. Learning Power BI @ Microsoft

You can access Microsoft Learning at:

Here, you will find links to the Guided Learning above, as well as Power BI samples and documentation.

5. edX

edX has a Microsoft-published Power BI course, Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI. You can access it at:

The course is 4 weeks self-paced and includes importing data, creating reports and dashboards and leveraging Excel. You can access the videos on YouTube directly here.

6. Free eBooks

For a good free eBook, check out Introducing Power BI, written by Power BI gurus Alberto Ferrari and Marco Russo and available on the MSDN website.

Also, check out Power BI From Rookie to Rock Star by Reza Rad.

7. Power BI Webinars @ Microsoft

You can access Power BI Webinars on the Microsoft site at:

You will find featured and on-demand webinars.

8. Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft Virtual Academy Power BI courses can be accessed at:!q=Power%20BI&lang=1033

You may find older courses here, but some may still be worth your while.

9. Microsoft Power BI Blog

The Power BI Blog from Microsoft is located at:

It’s a great way to stay in touch with the latest Power BI updates. You can also find more Power BI blogs here on my site.

10. Learn Power BI Basics for Free

UDemy has a course, Learn Power BI Basics for Free. You can access it at

There are additional paid courses on the Udemy site. There are several paid online course providers out there, throwing in some links if you’re looking to get more paid content:

11. Channel 9

Microsoft’s Channel 9 is a site with behind the scenes videos from the product teams at Microsoft (check out the Microsoft Ignite live steam @ The site has various Power BI videos, some older, some more recent. Check it out at:

12. Microsoft Power BI Channel @ YouTube

The Microsoft Power BI Channel on YouTube contains many videos to get you started and keep you up to date. You can access the channel at


Also, check out my growing list of Power BI tips, tricks, how-tos and other resources at: The link contains a list to as many interesting community blogs out there as I can find.

Good luck with your Power BI learning journey!


Carl de Souza is a developer and architect focusing on Microsoft Dynamics 365, BI, Web, Cloud and Data Science.

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  1. Thanks for this very helpful resources. I recently just finished a couple of courses on BI and I was looking for training material that I could apply what I’ve learned on and practice. it’d be a massive help if anyone could point me at the right direction. thanks again.

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