Installing Microsoft Flow Addin for Excel and Selected Row Email Demo

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In this post, we will look at how to install and use the Microsoft Flow Add-In for Excel.

First, open Excel and go to Office Add-Ins, then select Microsoft Flow for Excel (Preview). Click Add:

You will see:

The Add-in is now ready to use.

Let’s create a new spreadsheet, Customers, with a column for the Customers, and we will make this selection a table by highlighting then selecting Table from Insert->Table. We will call it Table3:

Save the spreadsheet and upload it to OneDrive for Business.

Now, open the spreadsheet again and on the Flow pane, sign in:

Note the permissions requested and click Accept:

We see below. Click the + on the top right to create a Flow:

This takes us to the Flow. Click Continue:

Select the spreadsheet OneDrive for Business location and click New Step:

We will send an email notification for the selected record. Enter the email details such who to send it to and the title and body. Note we can add the row selected of the spreadsheet:

Click Save.

Now, if we log into, we see the new Flow has been created:

With the following details:

Now, in the spreadsheet open in the Excel app, select a row, then go to the Flow pane and you will see the new Flow. Select it:

Click Continue:

And Run Flow:

And Done:

We then get an email from PowerApps. The flow has run:

There could be some interesting use cases around selecting rows. Look for deeper integration as the products evolve.


Carl de Souza is a developer and architect focusing on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power BI, Azure, and AI.

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