Install Dynamics 365 for Operations Content Packs

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To install the content packs for Dynamics 365 for Operations, perform the following steps.

First, log into Dynamics 365 for Financials and set up a user for ODATA. In D365, select search:

Enter Users:

Select a user, e.g. ADMIN:

Select the Web Service Access Key arrow:

You will see this message:

Set to never expire or an expiration date:

This will produce an access key.

Log into and select Get Data from the bottom left of the screen to open the page below. Under Services select Get:

You will see the Dynamics 365 for Financials options below:

Select Get It Now:

Enter your URL. This is in the format: https://<YourTenant>‘CRONUS%20US’)

Enter basic credentials:

Username = ADMIN (as above)

Password = web service key (as above)

The content pack will be created:


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