Dynamics CRM Editable Grids

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Editable grids are a feature of Dynamics 365. Let’s go through how to enable and use them.

First, let’s look at how the current grids work. You can see for Active accounts, we have a list that is not editable if you click on the grid.

We will customize the Account entity to enable editable grids.

Create a new solution and add Account to it:

Select the Controls tab and you will see it is set to read-only:

Click Add Control and select Editable Grid:

Set Account to use this new editable grid:

Click Add a Lookup:

Now go back to CRM. You will see Editable Grids have been enabled:


Clicking the arrow opens the record:

You can also change the grouping of the view:

Note you have the option to determine which grid to display per device, whether it is web, phone or tablet:



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