Dynamics 365 Auto Capture

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Auto Capture in Dynamics 365 is a feature of Relationship Insights that automatically captures information from your email that can be applied to Dynamics 365 records.

To enable it, go to Relationship Insights and set Auto Capture to Yes:

Next, go to Settings->Relationship Insights:

Select Continue:

Go to the Auto Capture tab and turn on. Click Save:


Now, on an Account record, I have a primary contact. I receive an email from that contact in Outlook. Auto Capture automatically picks up this email and displays it in Dynamics 365 under the account record, without the user needing to do anything. The record is shown as “Not Tracked. Only you can see this email”:

You then have the ability to track the record in Dynamics 365:

You will see Tracking Pending until it turns into a regular tracked email:

You will see up to 50 recent email messages in this view.

You can also turn on and off the functionality to see private messages in Activities, under Personal Settings:



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