Get the Id of a Record on a Page in Dynamics 365 Power Apps

Let’s look at how to get the Id of a record in Dynamics 365 Power Apps using JavaScript. We can see below our Account record with the Id in the URL: To get the Id of the record in JavaScript, let’s run the code below, which; or by passing the formContext:; And to remove the curly braces:“{“, “”).replace(“}”, “”); Or“{“, “”).replace(“}”, “”);  

PowerApps Landing Page Tour

When navigating to, users will see a link to sign in on the top right. Click Sign In: From here, users will be directed to the PowerApps landing page. Here you will see several links, including: Home Learn Apps Data Business Logic Notifications Let’s look at each. Home Learn Apps Data This contains additional options for Entities, Option Sets, Data Integration, Connections, Custom Connectors, Gateways: Business Logic (Flows) Notifications Design … Continue reading PowerApps Landing Page Tour

PowerApps – Useful links, blogs and resources

Below is some useful PowerApps resources. PowerApps Community at Microsoft PowerApps Guided Learning at Microsoft Webinars PowerApps Documentation at Microsoft – Find Apps, Create Apps, Administer Apps PowerApps Blog at Microsoft Developing Business Applications with Microsoft PowerApps, CDS, and Flow at EdX  

Common Data Model and Common Data Service

Microsoft has released the Common Data Model currently as part of its PowerApps suite. The Common Data Model and Common Data Service are a “Microsoft Azure–based business application model and storage mechanism for the Microsoft business application platform”. It allows for the creation of entities to store your data, and then plugs into the PowerApps suite. To use the common data model, log into PowerApps at You will find the … Continue reading Common Data Model and Common Data Service