Dynamics GP Reset System Password

To reset the Dynamics GP system password to blank, run the following query in SQL Server Management Studio: UPDATE DYNAMICS..SY02400 SET DMYPWDID=1,PASSWORD = 0x00202020202020202020202020202020

Dynamics GP Dexterity User Security Tables

The following are useful Dynamics GP tables regarding security: SY09000 – sySecurityMSTRTask – Security Tasks Master SY10600 – Security Assignment Role Task – sySecurityAssignTaskRole SY09100 – Security Roles Master – sySecurityMSTRRole SY10500 – Security Assignment User Role – sySecurityAssignUserRole SY01500 – Company Master – SY_Company_MSTR  

Installing the eConnect 10 SDK

To install the eConnect 10 SDK, download the eConnect SDK from the Microsoft website. Then, extract the ZIP file. You will see 2 files: Run the eConnectSdk.exe. Select the components you want to install: Enter your service credentials: You will see this success message: Once installed, you will see files located at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\eConnect 10  

Finding eConnect 9.0 Version Info

To find the version of an eConnect 9.0 installation, in Windows search for eConnect Release Information: This will open the window: Use the elipse to open the database connection: Click OK and you will see the version information:  

Installing eConnect for Dynamics GP 9.0

eConnect is located in disk 2 of the Dynamics GP installation. Run Setup.exe and select Install eConnect: Click Next: Click Next: Click Next: Click Next: Select Custom, so we can see the options, and click Next: Note the options available. Click Next: Select the lookup for the connection string: Select your server and the DYNAMICS database: Click Next: Click Install: Enter your login information: Click Finish: eConnect will now be installed.

Installing Dynamics GP 9.0

Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 was released in 2005. Here we will go through an installation of the software. Run Setup.exe from the 1st disk: You may get a message to install required components. Click Install: Select “Install Microsoft Dynamics GP”: Click Next: Select your country and click Next: Select Accept and Next: Select Server and Next: Select Features. Here, the path is defaulting to the x86 path. You may run … Continue reading Installing Dynamics GP 9.0

Microsoft Dynamics World Cup 2014 App

I just created a new app and video to go with the 2014 World Cup now on. Of course, while working in Dynamics GP, we want to get real time updates on the World Cup scores, without leaving the application. This app is running on GP 2013 R2. Navigating to the Inquiry menu, there is a new menu item, “World Cup”. Clicking on this item opens a new form, “World Cup 2014”. … Continue reading Microsoft Dynamics World Cup 2014 App

Social ERP: Dynamics GP and Twitter Integration

Social ERP is a concept in which ERP systems use social media. In this video, I show a demo I created where Dynamics GP is integrated with Twitter. The demo is running Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. I made use of the GP development platform along with Twitter’s API to link the two systems together in real time. In the demo, I show a user navigating the customer card in GP … Continue reading Social ERP: Dynamics GP and Twitter Integration

Running Dynamics GP on the Microsoft Cloud

Dynamics GP is ready to run on the Microsoft Cloud, Azure. This presents great opportunities for present Dynamics GP customers, and also new customers looking to move some or all of their ERP off-premise. For some time, there has been issues around moving financial data outside the walls of an organization. For many companies, those issues are still relevant. However, over time, more and more companies are making the move. … Continue reading Running Dynamics GP on the Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft Dynamics Version History and Timeline

Updated: January 2016 You can get more up to date information on the Dynamics 365 versions here. Microsoft Dynamics is a family of different products, some built from the ground up by Microsoft and others acquired from different companies. Here’s a timeline showing the Dynamics product history and acquisitions. TIMELINE – HISTORY 1980 – Solomon Software founded 1983 – PC&C A/S Founded (Navision) 1983 – Great Plains Software founded by … Continue reading Microsoft Dynamics Version History and Timeline