Microsoft Dynamics World Cup 2014 App

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I just created a new app and video to go with the 2014 World Cup now on. Of course, while working in Dynamics GP, we want to get real time updates on the World Cup scores, without leaving the application. This app is running on GP 2013 R2. Navigating to the Inquiry menu, there is a new menu item, “World Cup”. Clicking on this item opens a new form, “World Cup 2014”.

The window has 3 grids, one for today’s scores, one for all teams and the group they are in, and one for the team results. If I want to know more about a team’s record, I can click on the team’s cell. This goes out to a service and retrieves the team data in real time. The 2nd grid is a list all countries and groups, can be sorted here both by group and alphabetically. I can find where the United States is pretty easily, and select them to find their record.

Of course, this app is a demo and not designed to be used in the workplace. However, what it really demonstrates is some Dynamics GP key concepts for integration. I have built this using the Visual Studio Tools for Dynamics GP SDK, coding in C#. The code makes a call out this website which publishes real time World Cup data, which returns JSON results of world cup matches and other useful information. The JSON results are parsed in .NET and used within Dynamics GP. And I’ve added a ball as a graphic to liven up the window.   Check out the video below:


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