Microsoft’s Power Couple: Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics

Power BI, Microsoft’s cloud based business intelligence service, is a must-have component for companies running any of the products in the Microsoft Dynamics suite, whether it is CRM, AX, GP, NAV or Project Madeira. As a modern intelligence tool, it enables companies to rapidly get insight into their data and interactively find trends to make informed business decisions. Without BI, companies lack visibility and may be running with the wrong roadmap. Businesses already have basic reporting into their data, such as what last month’s sales were, who … Continue reading Microsoft’s Power Couple: Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics

How to Change the Company Logo in Dynamics AX

The company logo in Dynamics AX is used in different areas such as reporting. To change the company logo, go to the Organizational administration page and select Legal Entities. Then, select the legal entity that you would like to add or change a logo, and click “Company Logo”: Click Change or Remove to add/remove a logo:  

How to Build SSRS Reports in Dynamics AX

In this post I will show how to build SSRS reports in Dynamics AX 2012 R3. Let’s modify the Purchase Order Report. Firstly, open Visual Studio and make sure the Application Explorer is open (View->Application Explorer): Expand SSRS Reports and find the Purchase Order Report: Double click the report to open it and create a new SSRS project. Rename the project from the generic name it provides to something more … Continue reading How to Build SSRS Reports in Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX Training – Fargo

In February (2014), I spent 3 cold weeks in Fargo, North Dakota, learning Dynamics AX. Most people have one reaction when I tell them this, which you are probably having right now. However, even though one of the days went down to about minus 32 degrees Fahrenheit (which is minus 35 Celsius), it was a fun experience. I was there on a FastTrax developer training course for Dynamics AX. The … Continue reading Dynamics AX Training – Fargo

Microsoft Dynamics Version History and Timeline

Updated: January 2016 You can get more up to date information on the Dynamics 365 versions here. Microsoft Dynamics is a family of different products, some built from the ground up by Microsoft and others acquired from different companies. Here’s a timeline showing the Dynamics product history and acquisitions. TIMELINE – HISTORY 1980 – Solomon Software founded 1983 – PC&C A/S Founded (Navision) 1983 – Great Plains Software founded by … Continue reading Microsoft Dynamics Version History and Timeline

Installing Dynamics AX 2009 with Sample Data and Developer Tools

To install AX 2009, download the installation media and run the setup. Then go through the following steps: Select Microsoft Dynamics AX. Select Developer installation: Select “Install prerequisite software”: Start Dynamics AX: Compile the application: Select the license file: Click through the next few options to synchronize the database: Create company accounts: To install the demo data, download from PartnerSource: Stop the AOT: Restore database. In this case I am … Continue reading Installing Dynamics AX 2009 with Sample Data and Developer Tools