Access Team Templates in Dynamics 365


Access team templates are a way to share records with other users easily who do not have permissions to access records based on their security roles.

To create an access team template, go to Customizations and select an Entity. Select Access Teams. Save and Publish:

Then, under Settings->Security, select Access Team Templates:

Select the Entity, which will list only entities with Access Teams functionality. Select the permissions, in this case we will create a Read team:

Save the access team and publish the customization.

Now, add a team template to a form. Open the form in Customizations and select Insert->Subgrid:

Add a new section:

Set the properties to:

  • Records: All Record Types
  • Entity: Users
  • Default View: Associated Record Team Members
  • Team Template: Account Read Access Team, that we created above.

Save and Publish. Now go to Accounts. You will see the new subgrid:

Click the + to add a new user:

Now, Christa Geller will have access to the record based on the permissions of the team created, in this case, read access.


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  1. Hi Carl,

    This instruction had the missing link that I wasn’t finding in the MS Documentation. This post is extremely helpful. Thank you!


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