Dynamics 365 Blog

Welcome to my Dynamics 365 Blog, where I blog about Dynamics 365 and other related Microsoft technologies.

For those of you that I haven’t met, I’m Carl de Souza, and have been using Microsoft technologies in the ERP and CRM space for several years. I use this blog to help people learn Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Since I started this blog, the Dynamics product range has evolved many times. I encourage you to check out the following learning paths, depending on what you’re trying to learn.

To learn about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Experience, I have written a growing Dynamics 365 Customer Experience blog and eBook, which covers installation, configuration, administration, functionality, development, reporting, 3rd party tools, and many more features. There are hundreds of posts I have written to get you both learning and solving problems. I also have a dedicated Unified Service Desk blog which goes through various aspects of USD, from installation to configuration and development.

On the ERP side, I have many articles dedicated to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Dynamics GP.

Hope you learn something, and of course, feel free to connect with me: