North52 Console Command Create Record

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The North52 command console allows you to “manually execute any ad-hoc formulas against your CRM system. Ideal when you just want to update some data within your CRM system.”

To run a North52 console command, go to the North52 console menu and select Use the Console Command:

This will open the formula guide with the option to select the Command Console.

Click Create:

This will open:

Let’s say we want to create a new Contact using a North52 formula.

Search for CreateRecord:

We will create a new Contact record. Add code:

CreateRecord('contact', SetAttribute('firstname', 'Bob'), SetAttribute('lastname', 'Smith'))

Save the record. We must save the record before executing or we will run into errors.

Note the menu options:

  • Check/tick = Check syntax
  • X = clear formula window
  • Lightening bolt = Execute formula

On running check, we should see:

On running Execute:

You will see a response, or any failure message:

If you make updates to the code, be sure to save again before executing or it will execute the pre-saved code.


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