Using Sample Datasets Installed in R

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R has built-in datasets which can be useful for learning R. Let’s take a look at these.

From RGui, let’s see the packages installed by going to Load package:

We can see datsets and MASS are installed:

From RStudio we can see the same thing:

We can use datasets right away as the library is loaded.

In RGui or RStudio, type in:


This will display the datasets installed in the package.



We can see the data in these datasets by typing the dataset name. For example, for the dataset Orange, we can type Orange into the Console:

Using View, we can see the data in a window which allows us to filter the data:


Filter to age = 484:

This displays the filtered data:

Let’s use the MASS package. Click on MASS to get help on the package:

We can see there are many datasets available, including one called abbey, which shows “determinations of nickel content in a Canadian syenite rock”.:

We can’t simply use this the same way as we did with datasets, where we type in the dataset name, or we get an object not found error:

In this case, we need use library first, then we can use it:


You may find these datasets useful when you want to try new things with R.


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