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In Unified Service Desk, the ExecuteOnDataAvailable action allows you to wait until data becomes available before executing a subaction.

For example, let’s say we want to display a webpage of a map of a zip code if the contact’s zip code is populated.

To do this, first confirm if the UII action ExecuteOnDataAvailable exists for your hosted control, and if not, create it:

Next, create an action call. The ExecuteOnDataAvailable action takes an optional Milliseconds time to wait for the replacement parameters to become available. If no time-out is specified, it will wait indefinitely or until the session ends.

Other parameters indicate which data to look for – in our case, [[contact.address1_postalcode]]. We will not define a timeout:

Now create a subaction.

We have a hosted control called Map, of type Standard Web Application. We will display the map in this hosted control:

We will open Google Maps to display the map and pass the zip code [[contact.address1_postalcode]] as a parameter:

We’re now ready to test our configuration.

Open USD and select a contact. Note the Map hosted control has not loaded at this point as it is waiting for data:

Enter a ZIP code:

The Map hosted control will load as soon as Save is pressed on the contact page, and display the map of the zip code entered:





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