USD – Accessing Context Parameters in Custom Hosted Control

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In this post we will look at how to access context parameters in a custom hosted control in C#.

Create a new project in Visual Studio:

You will see:

Update the references using NuGet:

Compile, and deploy by copying the assembly to your USD client folder:

Now create a new Hosted Control in D365:

Fill out the fields:

Now start USD. Open the debugger, you will see the parameters under $Context:

Open the new hosted control through the debugger, default action.

In Visual Studio, attach the debugger to Unified Service Desk. With a breakpoint on the DesktopReady event, we can see the Context is being populated with our ForceChange key:


To add a new key and value to replacement parameters of our custom hosted control, we can use MergeReplacementParameter:

        protected override void DoAction(Microsoft.Uii.Csr.RequestActionEventArgs args)
            // Insert into the Context
            var data = new List { new LookupRequestItem("New Context Key", "New Context Value") };
            var r = (DynamicsCustomerRecord)localSession.Customer.DesktopCustomer;
            r.MergeReplacementParameter(ApplicationName, data);


In running this from DoAction, for example, This produces:



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