Unified Service Desk – ExecuteOnExpressionTrue Action

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The ExecuteOnExpressionTrue action in USD is useful if you would like to check conditions before executing actions.

For example, let’s say we have a navigation rule that opens a contact. If the contact’s city is New York, we want to open a website for the nyc.gov.

To do this, we will create an ExecuteOnExpressionTrue action on opening of the contact (BrowserDocumentComplete event).

The ExecuteOnExpressionTrue does not exist for this contact entity, so we will create it:

In our data parameters, we will look for contact address1_city:

We will place our new ExecuteOnExpressionTrue action in the BrowserDocumentComplete of the contact hosted control and add our data expression [[contact.address1_city]]” = “New York”:

Go to Sub Action Calls:

And add a new sub action:

Select New:

Create an action to navigate to the Website hosted control, which is a Standard Web Application:

Start USD and click on a contact with city = New York. You can see the website loads:

If a contact is not from New York, it does not load:



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