Setting Parent-Child Behavior for Resolving Cases in Dynamics 365

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In Dynamics 365, in the Service module, there are “parent” cases, and “child cases” that can belong to a parent case. In this post, we will show the behavior of what happens to child cases when you close a parent case and how this can be configured.

First, go to Settings->Service Management:

Click Parent and Child case settings:

There are 2 options:

  • Close all child cases when parent case is closed
  • Don’t allow parent case closure until all child cases are closed

Let’s choose the second option:

Click New Case:

Create a case for “Car broken down”. Then select Create Child Case:

This launches the quick create:

Under Case Relationships, we can see the Child Case created:

Now let’s try to resolve the case:

Enter details and click Resolve:

As we have the setting set to “Don’t allow parent case closure until all child cases are closed”, we get the message “Close active child case before closing parent case”:

Let’s set the setting to “Close all child cases when parent case is closed”:

Now if we resolve the parent case:

We can see that the parent and child cases have been resolved:

Note if None is selected like below, the behavior is when closing the parent case, it will close the child cases:



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