Running Python and Visual Studio Code in Windows

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In this post, we will look at how to run Python with Visual Studio Code in Windows.

To install Python, go to the Python download page at and click on Downloads:

Click Download Python:

This will download the file:

Check Add Python to PATH and click to Install. Note this also installs IDLE (the IDE), pip (the package installer) and documentation:

Note customizing gives us:

Click Close once complete:

Note the links above are:

Now, IDLE is installed, and we can access it through the Windows Start menu:

Opening it, we can start typing commands:

Let’s see which modules are installed, by typing:


We see the modules installed:

We will use Visual Studio Code as our IDE to write Python scripts. Open VS Code and go to Extensions, and find the Python extension:

Click Install:

Now let’s install a module. From the Visual Studio terminal, let’s install Requests:

pip install requests

This installs the module:

To run a simple “Hello World”, enter the following text and save the file as Right-click and run the code by selecting Run Python File in Terminal:



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