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Welcome to my Microsoft Power Apps eBook and Power Apps blog.

Here you will find many articles, blog posts and how-tos I have written to help you learn, implement and understand Power Apps.


  1. Introduction
    1. Common Data Model and Common Data Service
    2. PowerApps, Canvas apps, Model-driven Apps, Common Data Service for Apps and Dynamics 365 Explained
    3. Landing Page Tour
  2. Administration
    1. Admin Website
    2. Deleting a PowerApps Environment
    3. Convert a Trial to Production
    4. Adding a Database to an Existing Environment
    5. Create Database vs Don’t Create Database
    6. Deploy Sample Apps or Not
    7. Admin and Create Power Apps using PowerShell
    8. Get Email When Common Data Service Version Changes
  3. Configuration
    1. Create an Environment – PowerApps and Common Data Service for Apps
  4. Building Apps
    1. Part 1 – Building an App from Scratch
    2. Part 2 – Publishing and Sharing an App
    3. Part 3 – Using an App on a SmartPhone and Web
    4. Part 4 – Adding a Flow to an App
    5. Install Model-Driven Sample Apps
    6. Create a Model-Driven App
    7. Using Model Driven Apps on your Smartphone
    8. Enabling Flow on Dynamics 365 Forms
    9. Create a Mobile PowerApp from an Excel Workbook
    10. Embedding a Canvas App in a Model Driven App
    11. Accessing Advanced Customizations
    12. Autonumber Fields
    13. Enabling High Density Headers
    14. Calling Flow from JavaScript in PowerApps
    15. Get and Set Values using FormContext
    16. Adding Model-Driven App to Dynamics 365
    17. Canvas App to Display and Refresh Power BI Data
    18. Embed Forms Pro in a Canvas App
    19. Go to Next Stage in a Business Process Flow using JS
    20. Merging Solutions using Solution Components Mover
  5. Development
    1. Check out the Dynamics 365 blogs for overlapping Power Apps development
    2. JavaScript Confirmation Dialogs
    3. Handling Errors in JavaScript
    4. Display Alerts
    5. Remove Border around Web Resource
    6. Unified Interface Tab Click Event
    7. Refreshing a Unified Interface Web Resource (The New Way)
    8. Set a Lookup Field to Another Lookup Field Using JavaScript
    9. Calling Web API from Postman
    10. Sending an Input and Getting an Output Web API Action Call Postman
    11. AddOnChange to Add a Function On Change in JavaScript
    12. Client Side Validation with Business Rules and JavaScript
    13. Creating a Custom Action and Calling it from Web API
    14. Get the AppId using JS
    15. Modal Dialogs with navigateTo
    16. Going Over Field Label Maximums
    17. Getting Selected Record in Subgrid
    18. Selecting Subgrid Record Opens Modal Form
    19. Get FormContext in Web Resource
    20. Form Designing and Screen Resolution
  6. PowerApps Component Framework (PCF)
    1. Creating Custom Controls
    2. Walkthrough of Creating a Custom Component
    3. Issue with Running MSBuild
    4. Installing Components from PCF.Gallery
    5. Updating PowerApps CLI to the latest version
    6. Installing React DevTools Extension
  7. Power Automate
    1. How to Create, Trigger and Run Flows from Dynamics 365 Power Apps
    2. Difference Between Instant, Automated, and Scheduled Flows
    3. Convert Common Data Service Power Automate Flows to Run as Azure Logic Apps
    4. Use List Records in Common Data Service Connector with Email and Teams
    5. Use FetchXML in Power Automate Common Data Service Connector
    6. Call Power Automate Flows from Business Process Flows
  8. Portals
    1. Customer Self-Service Portal
    2. Community Portal
    3. Blank Custom Portal
    4. Add a Menu Item to Primary Navigation
    5. Display Power BI Visualizations using Liquid Tag
    6. Redeem an Invitation Code
  9. Templates
    1. Org Browser
  10. Resources
    1. Useful Links, Blogs, Resources