Omnichannel Blog and eBook

Welcome to my Omnichannel eBook and Omnichannel blog.

Here you will find many articles, blog posts and how-tos I have written to help you learn, implement and understand Microsoft Omnichannel.

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  1. Installation
    1. Installing Omnichannel
    2. Upgrade Omnichannel
  2. Configuration
    1. Set up Chat Widget
    2. Proactive Chat
    3. Custom Context
    4. Getting Conversation Id and Session Id in Chat
    5. Toggle Productivity Pane with App Profile Manager
    6. Customizing Color Theme and Operating Hours
    7. Identifying Customers and Cases with Pre-Chat Survey
    8. Authenticating Omnichannel Users
    9. Skill-Based Routing
    10. Assign and Transfer Chats
  3. Functional
    1. View Chat History
  4. Developer
    1. Using OData Queries
    2. Passing Session Context Variables from Chat to Web Resource
    3. Customizing Omnichannel Forms and Agent Experience
    4. Get Conversation Id and Custom Context in JavaScript
  5. Unified Service Desk
    1. Running Omnichannel on USD