Migrate USD from Web Client to Unified Interface with Migration Assistant

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In Unified Service Desk, there is a new tool that allows you to migrate your USD configuration from the Dynamics 365 Web Client to the new Unified Interface. In this post we will go through a migration, using the “Web Client – Unified Interface Migration Assistant” tool.

In our USD environment we see the following solutions. We are running USD 4.0:

With hosted controls using CRM Page and KB Control:

For example, the Contact page uses the CRM Page type of Unified Service Desk Component Type, with hosting type IE Process:

The migration process to move from Web Client to Unified Interface in USD is a 3 step process:

  1. Use the “Web Client – Unified Interface Migration Assistant” to create 2 zip files, a Data.zip and a USDWebResources.zip
  2. Import USDWebResources.zip as a solution into Dynamics 365
  3. Using the Configuration Migration tool, import the Data.zip into your organization

Step 1

To get the migration assistant, go to: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=57272

Select to download:

This will download:

Double click to run the file and select a folder to extract the files. This will then open the installation. Click Continue:

Log into your Dynamics 365 instance:

Click Export:

The system will export records to the Data.zip file. Click Next:

You now have the ability to select which configurations to migrate.

Select each configuation (ctrl key to select multiple) and click Next:

Confirm the configurations and click Next:

Click Migrate:

Once complete, click Next:

Click Download File to download the USDConfiguration.zip:

And Exit once completed:

A USDConfigurations.zip file is created:

With 2 files

  • Data.zip
  • USDWebResources.zip

Extract the USDWebResource.zip to reveal the 2 zip files:

Looking at the contents of each, we see:



Step 2

In Dynamics 365, go to Settings->Solutions and click Import:

Select the USDWebResources.zip:

Click Import:

And Publish:

Step 3

The final step is to use the Configuration Migration tool from the Dynamics 365 SDK.

First, download the tool and run DataMigrationUtility.exe:

Select Import Data:

Log into your organization:

Select the Data.zip file from above and click Import Data:

Once complete, click Exit:

The USD configuration is now using Unified Interface configuration.

Log into Dynamics 365. Go to Settings->Unified Service Desk. You will see the entities have been modified from CRM Page and KB Control to use Unified Interface Page:

The KB Search control has also been modified to Unified Interface KM Control:

Start Unified Service Desk client and log into the Unified Interface client:

Open a Contact:

Open the USD debugger, and we can see the Unified Interface Page has events invoked such as NavigationRequested, DataReady and PageReady:



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