Email Engagement in Dynamics 365

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Email Engagement is a feature of Relationship Insights in Dynamics 365 that helps salespeople with how customers are interacting with emails sent from Dynamics 365.

To enable it, go to Settings->Relationship Insights:

Click on the Email Engagement:

You may see this message:

Click to turn on Email Engagement:

Now, create a new email in Dynamics 365. Note the email must originate in Dynamics 365 as opposed to Outlook. You will notice a new Email Engagement area:

The information link opens this link here.

Note the options:

  • Don’t follow – this means the email you sent will not be followed by email engagement
  • Send later – schedule to send the email later
  • Set Reminder – set a reminder to follow up with the customer

Once you send the email, you will now see this Recipient Activity section.

You can also set a reminder if the customer doesn’t follow up by a certain date:

Which you can then change and remove:

When the customer engages with the email, i.e. they open the email, reply to it, view attachments in the email and click on any email links, you will get a rich set of feedback:

Note you can also set the properties on the recipient record to default follow or not follow:



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