Dynamics 365 and Outlook

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Dynamics 365 comes with tight Outlook integration. Here we will walk through configuring Outlook and Dynamics 365.

After installing the Dynamics 365 addin, you will see a CRM tab in Outlook:

To configure, go to File->CRM:

You will see this screen:

Open Set Personal Options:

Click on the Synchronization tab. Note the automatic synchronization minutes (minimum is 15 minutes):

Selecting Filters will open the Synchronization Settings. You can also get to this by going to Synchronize->Review Synchronization Settings:

Selecting a current synchronization will open the filters applied:

Note you can also set the Offline filters to determine which records will appear offline.

System Filters:

Click on Sychronization fields. You can choose the entity type:

And the fields:

Select a different entity to see the different fields:

Synchronization is based on the permission model in Dynamics 365.

Note the other options in Set Personal Options.

Email Template:


With options of what to track:

And Create:

Address Book, with option to sync all contacts from Dynamics 365:

And how often to update local offline data:


Let’s go through a synchronization scenario.

Go to Outlook and select People:

In Dynamics 365 for this user, there is one new Contact:

Note we are synchronizing the contacts the user owns. Start the synchronization manually by selecting Synchronizing->Start Synchronization:

Click on People and you will see the new contact synchronized, with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM pane showing Dynamics 365 details:

Select an existing contact and click Track in CRM:

This contact will now appear in My Active Contacts in Dynamics 365:

Select Go Offline from the CRM tab in Outlook:

You will see the message below:

If you get the message regarding missing prvReadSolution:

Ensure for the user’s security role, under the customization tab they have read access to solution:

You will then see the records being synchronized:

From here, you will be operating offline. Select a record type to view the records offline:

Click CRM Record->Lead to create a lead.

Enter lead information:

Going back online will sync the entity with Dynamics 365:


Opening an entity in Customizations, we can see there are 2 settings for Outlook:

  • Reading pane in Dynamics 365 for Outlook. This displays record information when the record is selected:

  • Offline capability for Dynamics 365 for Outlook. This will sync records to offline if checked

You can also create activities:

Set an email to Regarding a particular Dynamics 365 record:

The record will be tracked in Dynamics 365:

Security Role

Under the user’s security role there are many Outlook options:

These include:

  • Go Offline in Outlook
  • Use Dynamics 365 App for Outlook
  • Sync to Outlook

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