Connecting Dynamics 365 to Yammer

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Dynamics 365 and Yammer have built in integration. To turn on this integration, in Dynamics 365, go to Settings->Administration and select Yammer Configuration:

You will see this message:

Followed by:

Clicking Authorize Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online to connect to Yammer displays the window below. Click Allow:

This will then display additional options. Yammer is now connected.

Clicking on Edit message rules takes you to:

Now, when you perform actions in Dynamics 365, you will see a new Yammer tab. For example, in an account record, after following the record, you will be able to post to Yammer from the record:

Users will now see this message on the Yammer side.

To remove the Dynamics 365 and Yammer integration, you can go to Yammer->My Applications and select Revoke Access:



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One Response to Connecting Dynamics 365 to Yammer

  1. Nice Article…found it very helpful!

    I have successfully integrated yammer with dynamics 365 but I am facing problem in this scenario.

    Steps i have followed:-

    -I have created Microsoft flow to generate new case entity in dynamics 365 when new yammer message is posted in feed.

    -After posting message in yammer, new case entity is created in dynamics 365 but the problem is that yammer posts are not shown in yammer activity social pane instead it shows “There aren’t any conversations about this yet” message.

    -After posting to yammer from dynamics 365 yammer activity pane that post gets uploaded to yammer.

    -Further replies to this post from yammer are shown in dynamics 365 in yammer activity pane.

    I want to show yammer posts in yammer activity pane when new case entity is created.
    How to achieve this?
    Please guide.


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