Closing an Opportunity in Dynamics 365

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Here we will go through closing an opportunity in Dynamics 365. First we will create an opportunity. To do this, go to Sales->Opportunities:

This will open the opportunities:

Select New to create a new opportunity:

Enter new products:

Notice the options for Close as Won and Close as Lost.

Clicking Close as Lost, we see:

The status reason has the options:

We can also select the actual revenue and competitor.

Closed as Won produces the following:

There is no option to change the status. The competitor field here is not editable.

Note the statuses for the opportunity and the opportunity close entity:

StateStatus Reason
0 : Open1 : In Progress
2 : On Hold
1 : Won3 : Won
2 : Lost4 : Canceled
5 : Out-Sold
StateStatus Reason
0 : Open1 : Open
1 : Completed2 : Completed
2 : Canceled3 : Canceled

Note in customizations, these entities are separate:



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