USD – SetSize

In Unified Service Desk, you can set the size of a hosted control using the SetSize action. To demonstrate this, we will set the size of a Dashboard hosted control of type CRM Page that loads when USD loads. Create an action call using the SetSize action. You can see we need to provide the width and height. If we set the width and height to something small so we … Continue reading USD – SetSize

Unified Service Desk – CopyToContext Action

The CopyToContext action in USD allows you to copy data and variables to the context. For example, in the debugger, we can see several context replacement parameters: We can select the CopyToContext action from the CRM Global Manager in order to override the existing activitiescomplete parameter. We will change it from false to true. Refreshing the variables shows the new value: We can also create new parameters this way, in … Continue reading Unified Service Desk – CopyToContext Action

Panels and Layout in USD

Panel Layouts are a type of hosted control in USD that defines the arrangement of panels, which is the layout of your USD application. Selecting Unified Service Desk->Hosted Controls, you can see we have a Panel Layout hosted control defined: Selecting the panel, you can see the XAML associated with the layout: Within the XAML, you can see panel types such as USDTabPanel, USDDeckTabPanel, USDStackPanel, USDCollapsePanel, USDPopupPanel, and panels, including: MainPanel LeftPanelFill RightPanel … Continue reading Panels and Layout in USD

USD Package Deployer Unable to Login

When running the USD package deployer, you may run into this issue where you enter your Dynamics 365 credentials and click Login, only to be brought back to the same login page. One reason this can happen, is you are connecting to a Dynamics 365 organization that does not support the current USD version. To confirm this, ensure your USD version is compatible with your Dynamics 365 version.

Unified Service Desk – LaunchURL Action

In USD, the LaunchURL action is a part of the CRM Global Manager, that launches a URL outside of USD. For example, you could create an action that launches a webpage such as This opens in a web browser: The URL is entered into the data field. This may be useful if you would like to open a web page from a menu, for example.

Toolbars in USD

In USD, you can create toolbars through configuration in Dynamics 365. To configure a toolbar, you go through the following steps: Create a toolbar container. This is a USD hosted control of type “Toolbar Container” which houses the new toolbar. Create a toolbar. This is the actual toolbar itself Create buttons under the toolbar. These buttons can go across the toolbar, be drop down buttons, and a menu tree of … Continue reading Toolbars in USD

USD Default Navigation Rule to Do Nothing for InPlace and Popup

In Unified Service Desk, routing rules define what will happen when a user clicks on a link in a hosted control. USD gives a lot of control over what happens, which makes the application powerful in terms of routing. In order to effectively disable all routing unless specified explicitly, we can add a routing rule to USD and click Windows Navigation Rule: Click New: Provide a name and a high … Continue reading USD Default Navigation Rule to Do Nothing for InPlace and Popup

USD – ShowAbout Action

In Unified Service Desk, there is an action called ShowAbout. The purpose of this action is to show the about page, which contains various information about USD and Dynamics 365. Here we will create an action call that will show the about menu when USD loads. Typically, you may want to run the action from an “About” menu option. Create the action below. Note there are no data parameters: Add … Continue reading USD – ShowAbout Action

Create a USD Custom Hosted Control with VS 2017 and NuGet

To create a USD custom hosted control, first create a new Class Library project in Visual Studio: This will create the project: Delete the Class1.cs. Add the packages through NuGet: Now, add a new WPF Form: You will now see: Go to the code view of the control. Add: using Microsoft.Crm.UnifiedServiceDesk.Dynamics; Change the public partial class to use DynamicsBaseHostedControl: Change the control type to be DynamicsBaseHostedControl: Drag a button onto … Continue reading Create a USD Custom Hosted Control with VS 2017 and NuGet

USD – CopyToClipboard Action

The CopyToClipboard action in USD allows data to be copied to the user’s clipboard. As an example, we will create an event on opening USD to copy the user’s name to the clipboard: We are passing the data parameter of the user’s full name: data=[[$User.fullname]g] append=false Now, when we open USD, if we also open a notepad and paste into it, we can see the user is in the clipboard: … Continue reading USD – CopyToClipboard Action