USD Versions

Below are the Unified Service Desk versions: Version Release Date Notes 4.0 August 20, 2018 Unified Interface apps support with Web Client to UI Migration Assistant, stop accidental closure feature, new UI KM control, and preview features – USD admin app, stack notifications, SwitchSession actions 3.3 April 24, 2018 Unified Interface, Best Practice Analyzer 3.2 March 14. 2018 Performance diagnostics, faster load times 3.1.0 Nov 8, 2017 TLS 1.2, inactivity … Continue reading USD Versions

Unified Service Desk Additional Resources

Here are some websites that provide useful USD information. Microsoft USD Team Blog USD Wiki on TechNet MSDN USD Developer Guide MSDN USD Admin Guide Unified Service Desk Guide Microsoft USD Team Blog Articles List USD Component Library – Jayme Pechan Github Neil Parkhurst Blog CRM Ramblings – Naga Srikanth Blog #USDCRM #UnifiedServiceDesk  

Windows Forms Hosted Control in USD

In this topic, we will go through how to integrate Unified Service Desk with a Windows Forms UII Hosted Application. For example, you may want to build from scratch a windows forms application that your agents use, that is integrated with USD. Using the USD Developer Guide, we are able to create applications that run as hosted controls and contain code that talks with USD. This is different from the scenario … Continue reading Windows Forms Hosted Control in USD

UII and XRM Tooling NuGet Packages

To install the UII NuGet Packages, open a Visual Studio project and open the Package Manager Console. Enter the command: Install-Package Microsoft.CrmSdk.XrmTooling.CoreAssembly This will install the following assemblies: Then, install the UII Common package: Install-Package Microsoft.CrmSdk.UII.CommonAssemblies More information:    

USD – Create Entity

In USD, there is an action call that creates an entity in CRM. Let’s go through an example of how to use it. In this example we will show how to clone an account record. Create a new Action Call. Set the hosted control to CRM Global Manager and the Action to CreateEntity. Note we are setting in the data field what entity to create (account) and passing name value pairs for … Continue reading USD – Create Entity

USD Session New

Session New is an event that is part of the CRM Global Manager hosted control. A typical sequence of events is: User selects a link in USD USD determines if there is a Window Navigation Rule associated with the from entity clicked and the to entity. Or, if there is a navigation rule from blank entity to blank entity If there is, and the result is Create Session, then Perform the actions associated … Continue reading USD Session New

USD User Security

Unified Service Desk security is controlled through the Dynamics CRM application. You can read more about Dynamics CRM security in this post here. Once USD is installed, you will see four new roles defined: UIIAdministrator has the rights: UIIAgent: USD Administrator: USD Agent: To access USD, a user will need access to a combination of these security roles, such as: UIIAgent and USD Agent USD Administrator If a user logs in … Continue reading USD User Security

Unified Service Desk – Default Action

Most Unified Service Desk controls have a “default” action. This action performs an action called default. In cases where the control does not have a default action, running this action will load the control. For example, let’s say we have a custom hosted control called “Dashboard” of type CRM page. We can run the default action from the debugger: This will open the hosted control:  

Unified Service Desk – Navigate Action

In Unified Service Desk, we can use the Navigate action to navigate in our controls. For example, let’s say we have a control that displays a CRM Page, called Dashboard: The control shows as empty as we have not specified the page to load. The Navigate action specifies the URL to navigate to: Or to a webpage:  

CRM Page Call Actions from Debugger

The CRM Page hosted control is a type of hosted control in USD. The control contains several predefined UII actions. Here we will go through using the control and using some of these UII actions. Let’s take a look at the Account hosted control in our application. This control is invoked when an account is selected from the Search control.  USD knows the selection is an account and uses windows routing rules to determine … Continue reading CRM Page Call Actions from Debugger