Picking and Releasing Cases from Queues

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In Dynamics 365, cases are assigned to queues to be processed by support users. Let’s say a user is assigned to a queue, Tier 1 Support. The user can easily see cases assigned to the queue by going to Service->Queues:

And filtering the queues:

You can see which user is working on which case, if any. By selecting a case from this view, a user has the option to “Pick” a case to work on:

In selecting Pick, the following window opens. You have the option to remove the case from the queue:

After picking, the worked by field changes and also the owner of the case:

Selecting Queue Item Details provides more information:

Selecting Release will release the item for anyone to pick up, and sets the owner of the case back to the original owner:

Note after releasing the Worked By field is blank:

If you pick and remove from queue, the case will disappear from the current queue view and can be accessed through cases and added to a queue:

If a case is assigned to a queue that another user is a member of, the case ownership does not change. E.g. in the case below, Alan Steiner is a member of his queue, and he sees the case that was assigned to his queue. However, the case is still owned by MOD Administrator:

In summary:

  • Picking a case from a queue changes the “worked on” to be the user who picks the case. This also changes ownership of the case to the user who picks the case. At the time you pick a case, you can release it from the queue or leave it in the queue.
  • Releasing a case removes the “worked on” to be blank. The ownership reverts to the original owner.
  • Assigning a case to a queue sets the queue property and doesn’t change the worked on or ownership.


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