Activities in Dynamics 365

Activities in Dynamics 365 consist of: Task Email Appointment Phone Call Letter Fax Service Activity Campaign Response Approval Booking Alert Let’s look at the first of these. First, go to Activities located in each of the Dynamics 365 areas, under My Work: You will see the view below: Before beginning, note the ability to synchronize this with Outlook as well. Under system settings, enable synchronization of Appointments, Contacts, Tasks: Task … Continue reading Activities in Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Auto Capture

Auto Capture in Dynamics 365 is a feature of Relationship Insights that automatically captures information from your email that can be applied to Dynamics 365 records. To enable it, go to Relationship Insights and set Auto Capture to Yes: Next, go to Settings->Relationship Insights: Select Continue: Go to the Auto Capture tab and turn on. Click Save:   Now, on an Account record, I have a primary contact. I receive … Continue reading Dynamics 365 Auto Capture

Write to Windows Event Viewer from C#

First, create a new console app: Next, add: using System.Diagnostics; Notice the Event Viewer in Windows has several areas: Windows Logs, which are: Application Security Setup System Forwarded Events And within each log, there are: Keywords Date and Time Source Event Id Task Category To write to the application log, use the code: static void Main(string[] args) { string Event = “Application has started”; using (EventLog eventLog = new EventLog(“Application”)) … Continue reading Write to Windows Event Viewer from C#

OData Connected Service in Visual Studio 2017

Here we will use the OData Connected Service to connect to an OData feed from Visual Studio 2017. First, install the extension. Select Tools->Extensions and Updates: Select Online and search for OData Connected Service: Restart Visual Studio to complete the install. Create a new Visual Studio console app: Right Click and select Add->Connected Service: Select OData Connected Service: Enter a service endpoint: Select Settings and enter a name: Click Finish. … Continue reading OData Connected Service in Visual Studio 2017

OData Client Code Generator

The OData v4 Client Code Generator is an extension that can be used to generate OData code for use in applications. To install it, open Visual Studio 2015 and under Visual Studio Gallery, search for OData Client Code Generator: Click to Install: The extension is now installed: To use the extension, we will create a new Windows Console project: Add a new item and under Code select OData Client: Files … Continue reading OData Client Code Generator

Introduction to Dynamics GP OData

OData was introduced to Dynamics GP in the GP 2016 release. To set up OData, open the GP installation and select OData: Click Accept: Enter the GP server name and GP system database name: Select the port for the OData service to run on and a certificate for SSL access, which is required: Click Install: Once installed, log into Dynamics GP. You will see OData in the GP menu under … Continue reading Introduction to Dynamics GP OData

Create a WCF Windows Service

Here we will create a WCF web service hosted as a windows service. We will go through step by step how to do this. First, create a new WCF Service Application: This will create the project: If we select the Service1.svc page and press F5 to run this, it will open the WCF Test Client. From here, we can select the GetData() method and enter a value.┬áInvoking the method will … Continue reading Create a WCF Windows Service

Adding a Power BI Dashboard to Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 can show a whole Power BI dashboard. To do this, create a dashboard in Power BI. Then, in Dynamics 365, select New->Power BI Dashboard: You will see your dashboards, with the option to enable for mobile: Click Save. The dashboard will now appear fully in Dynamics 365.  

Dynamics 365 Mobile Performance and Client Customizations

In Dynamics 365, you can publish client customizations that can also be used by users on mobile devices. One issue with this, is the first user to use a new customization may experience performance issues, as the metadata package downloads. In order to get around this, Dynamics 365 has an option to “Prepare Client Customizations” once customizations are ready. To use it, create a customization as you normally would. Then, … Continue reading Dynamics 365 Mobile Performance and Client Customizations

Dynamics 365 Apps and the App Designer

Dynamics 365 comes with a tool to create your own apps, called the App Designer. It is a drag and drop configurable tool that allows for quick creation of apps you can use. Here we will go through creating an app. First, go to Settings->My Apps: Here you will see a list of installed apps. Click on Create App: You will be prompted to enter your new app information. Note … Continue reading Dynamics 365 Apps and the App Designer