Installing Dynamics AX 2009 with Sample Data and Developer Tools

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To install AX 2009, download the installation media and run the setup.

Then go through the following steps:

Select Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Select Developer installation:

Select “Install prerequisite software”:

Start Dynamics AX:

Compile the application:

Select the license file:

Click through the next few options to synchronize the database:

Create company accounts:

To install the demo data, download from PartnerSource:

Stop the AOT:

Restore database. In this case I am selecting the demo file with Transaction data:

Restore this over the original Dynamics AX database that was created.

Next, install the Dynamics AX client:

Select Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009:

You may be prompted to enter telephone dialing information. Enter and click OK. The Dynamics AX client will then open:

Click OK to any error messages. You will now see the Dynamics AX client.

Select the Dynamics AX company:

You will now see the Contoso demo data:

Re-add the license information:

It may prompt you to resynchronize. Click Yes:

Restart Dynamics AX. You should now be able to see your projects by clicking CTRL-SHIFT-P:

And the AOT by CTRL-D:



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