Dynamics GP Dictionaries List

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Below is a list of native and 3rd party applications and their associated dictionaries.

Name Id Main Dictionary Forms Dictionary Reports Dictionary Publisher
Advanced Go Tos 4612 ADVGOTO.DIC F4612.DIC R4612.DIC Microsoft
Advanced Security 3104 ADVSECUR.DIC ADVS_FRM.DIC ADVS_RPT.DIC Microsoft
Control Account Management 2416 CAM2416.DIC CAMFORM.DIC CAMRPTS.DIC Microsoft
Cash Flow Management 1632 CFM.DIC CFMFORM.DIC CFMRPTS.DIC Microsoft
Collections Management 1157 CPro.dic F1157.DIC R1157.DIC Microsoft
CopierSeries 2992 QK2992.DIC QDF2992.DIC QKR2992.DIC Microsoft
Credit Card Advantage 2735 CCA.DIC CCAFRM.DIC CCARPT.DIC Nodus
Electronic Reconcile 1428 AREC.dic ARECFRM.DIC ARECRPT.DIC Microsoft
Enhanced Commitment Management 2547 ECM2547.DIC ECM2547F.DIC ECM2547R.DIC Microsoft
Excel-Based Budgeting 1878 XLBUDGET.DIC XL1878F.DIC XL1878R.DIC Microsoft
FieldService 949 SRVCADV.DIC FRMS949.DIC RPTS949.DIC Microsoft
Fixed Assets 309 fam.dic F309.DIC R309.DIC Microsoft
Human Resources 414 HR.DIC HRPFRMS.DIC HRPRPTS.DIC Microsoft
Integration Manager 105 IM.DIC IMFORMS.DIC IMRPTS.DIC Microsoft
Interfund Management 1042 IFUND.DIC 1042FORM.DIC 1042RPTS.DIC Microsoft
Project Accounting 258 PA258.DIC PAFORM.DIC PAREPT.DIC Microsoft
Purchase Order Enhancements 2277 POE2277.DIC POE2277F.DIC POE2277R.DIC Microsoft
Report Scheduler 3278 RPTSCHED.DIC F3278.DIC R3278.DIC Microsoft
Revenue Expense Deferrals 1045 D1045.DIC F1045.DIC R1045.DIC Microsoft
Safe Pay 1235 SFPAY.dic SPAYFRM.DIC SPAYRPT.DIC Microsoft
SmartList 1493 EXP1493.DIC EXP1493F.DIC EXP1493R.DIC Microsoft
SmartList Builder 3830 SLBUILD.DIC F3830.DIC R3830.DIC eOne
Technical Service Tools 1838 TAUTIL.DIC F1838.DIC R1838.DIC Microsoft

Please ping me if I’m missing anything.

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