Creating Power BI Apps and App Workspaces

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App Workspaces are a place to colloborate in Power BI and also create new Power BI Apps.

Go to App Workspaces in and select Create app workspace:

Enter group details and add group members:

Note the group options available:

Save the group. A new workspace is created:

Open a Power BI Desktop project and publish to the new group:

In Power BI, you will see the new Reports and Datasets:

Pin a report to a new dashboard in the app workspace:

You can now publish an app. Select Publish App:

Enter some details:

Click Finish and Publish:

Click Go To App:

Click Add:

The app will appear in your workspace:

As a workspace member, if you make changes to the app, they will not be deployed to users until you publish them, so in effect you have a staging environment for your development.

If you want to leave the group or edit the group you can by selecting it:

Note when the app workspace is creaed a new Office 365 group is created:

Users can add the app by going to Get Data:

My Organization:

Select App:

Apps also tie in with Premium pricing – if an organization has premium pricing they can enable it on the app so any users in your organization who have free or pro licenses can consume the app.

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