Unified Service Desk – Add CRM Dashboard or Webpage

In USD, we have the ability to display a dashboard from CRM. Let’s go through an example of how to do this. Firstly, determine the URL of the Dynamics CRM dashboard you want to use. You can do this here. In our case, we will be showing the Customer Service Representative Social Dashboard: Let’s access this through a Toolbar in USD. Go to Toolbars and open the existing Main toolbar. We … Continue reading Unified Service Desk – Add CRM Dashboard or Webpage

Global Manager Hosted Control Actions and Events

The Global Manager hosted control is a specific type of hosted control in USD. The control is required (single instance). It: loads all USD configuration at startup handles window navigation rules handles toolbar handles agent scripts handles data management The global manager provides pre-defined UII actions including: Audit CallDoAction ClearAppBar ClearEntityList Close CloseActive CopyToClipboard CopyToContext CopyLogicalEntityToContext CloseActivity CreateEntitty CreateSession DeleteEntity DoRoute DoSearch DisplayMessage ExecuteOnDataAvailable ExecuteOnTimeout ExecuteOnExpressionTrue ExecuteScriptlet FireEvent GetTemplate InvokeCTI … Continue reading Global Manager Hosted Control Actions and Events

Windows Navigation Rules in USD

Windows navigation rules in Unified Service Desk tell the application what to do when a user performs an action. Here we will go through an example. Let’s say when USD loads, it loads a Dynamics 365 dashboard. On that dashboard, the user has the ability to select an Account. Without any navigation rules set up, on selecting an account, the interface will open the account’s Dynamics 365 page within the … Continue reading Windows Navigation Rules in USD

USD Versions

Below are the Unified Service Desk versions: Version Release Date Notes Feb 21, 2017 2.2.1 Feb 2017 Enhanced exception handling for custom hosted controls, enhanced diagnostic logging for CHCs, keyboard shortcuts for panels 2.2 Dec 2016 Notifications, better debugging and troubleshooting, custom login and splash screen, high contrast mode May 2016 Interactive service hub 2.0.2 April 2016 Bug fixes 2.0.1 Feb 2016 Multi-monitor support 2.0 OAuth, custom listeners, … Continue reading USD Versions

Unified Service Desk Additional Resources

Here are some websites that provide useful USD information. Microsoft USD Team Blog USD Wiki on TechNet MSDN USD Developer Guide MSDN USD Admin Guide Microsoft USD Team Blog Articles List  

Windows Forms Hosted Control in USD

To add a Windows Forms hosted control, go through the following steps. In Visual Studio, create a Windows Forms Hosted Control: This creates the following files: Expand the references. You may be missing references: If so, browse out to the USD directory located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM USD\USD and select any of the missing references above. Open the UiiWinformControl.cs. This is a windows form: Add a label Name and a … Continue reading Windows Forms Hosted Control in USD

UII and XRM Tooling NuGet Packages

To install the UII NuGet Packages, open a Visual Studio project and open the Package Manager Console. Enter the command: Install-Package Microsoft.CrmSdk.XrmTooling.CoreAssembly This will install the following assemblies: Then, install the UII Common package: Install-Package Microsoft.CrmSdk.UII.CommonAssemblies More information: https://www.nuget.org/packages/Microsoft.CrmSdk.XrmTooling.CoreAssembly/ https://www.nuget.org/packages/Microsoft.CrmSdk.UII.CommonAssemblies/    

USD – Create Entity

In USD, there is an action call that creates an entity in CRM. Let’s go through an example of how to use it. In this example we will show how to clone an account record. Create a new Action Call. Set the hosted control to CRM Global Manager and the Action to CreateEntity. Note we are setting in the data field what entity to create (account) and passing name value pairs for … Continue reading USD – Create Entity

USD Session New

Session New is an event that is part of the CRM Global Manager hosted control. A typical sequence of events is: User selects a link in USD USD determines if there is a Window Navigation Rule associated with the from entity clicked and the to entity. Or, if there is a navigation rule from blank entity to blank entity If there is, and the result is Create Session, then Perform the actions associated … Continue reading USD Session New

USD User Security

Unified Service Desk security is controlled through the Dynamics CRM application. You can read more about Dynamics CRM security in this post here. Once USD is installed, you will see four new roles defined: UIIAdministrator has the rights: UIIAgent: USD Administrator: USD Agent: To access USD, a user will need access to one of these security roles. If a user logs in and they do not have either USD role assigned, or … Continue reading USD User Security