Intro to Object Relational Mapping (ORM)

Object-Relational Mapping, or ORM, is a way of allowing you to access data in your database in the form of objects in your code. It is essentially a piece of code that sits alongside your code, and from there you can access database objects such as tables in the form of code objects. As it says, you can essentially break it down to mapping of objects to a relational database. … Continue reading Intro to Object Relational Mapping (ORM)

Visual Studio – Change and Install Color Theme

Visual Studio comes with different color themes. When opening Visual Studio for the first time, you may see a theme something like below: To change this theme, go to Tools->Options: From Environment, select General: Here we can see the color theme is set to “Blue”. Select a different color theme from the list: Here we have selected the Dark theme: You can also install new themes. To install a new … Continue reading Visual Studio – Change and Install Color Theme

SSDT Analysis Services and Reporting Services Projects in Visual Studio 2017

If you try to open old Analysis Services smproj or Reporting Services projects in Visual Studio 2017 you may run into an unsupported error. To install the required templates, go to: Select the Download link: Then for Reporting Services go to: Select Download: You will now be able to create and load analysis services and reporting services projects in Visual Studio:  

Visual Studio 2017 Install

Go to and download the version you require. Run the download. I will install Professional. Select the components you would like to install and note the additional components in the Summary when you select a workload: Select Individual Components to install additional software: And Language Packs if required: Select Install on the bottom right: Once completed: Visual Studio will open:  


Nuget is a package manager for the Microsoft platform. It runs within Visual Studio. To use it, open Visual Studio and go to Tools->NuGet Package Manager: Select Manage NuGet Packages for Solution and you will be able to see what is already installed and if there are any updates available. You can also install new packages. To update, select Updates, select the package to update and click Update: You can also use … Continue reading NuGet

Installing and Using ILSpy

ILSpy is an assembly browser and decompiler. Here we will go through installing and using ILSpy. First, download the binaries from the ILSpy website: This will download a ZIP file. Extract the file: Run the ISpy.exe: Click to open a file: Here I have selected an exe compiled from code I previously wrote. You can see we can now see the decompiled code within ILSpy:  

Building Better Software – Best Practices

When building software, several things can be done to minimize errors, prevent future code from breaking, and adding to scalability. Ideally, your practices include some of the following. TEST DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT Test Driven Development, or TDD, is the practice of writing unit tests for a new feature before writing the actual code. You essentially write the unit test case, run it so it fails, then write the code to make … Continue reading Building Better Software – Best Practices