C# – Classes

In this example and series of examples, I will go through some object oriented and C# concepts. We will use an example of building a transport system, using Cars as an example. First, create a C# project for a class library called “Transportation”. Also, let’s create a new console application called Carl.TestTransportation. We will use that to test our class working.   Let’s star with characteristics of a car. Cars have: Make. E.g. Ferrari … Continue reading C# – Classes

Hello World Console App C#

Creating a console application in C# is really easy. Let’s go through a Hello World example. First, create a new project in Visual Studio. Give the project a name: The project contains a Program.cs file, which contains a static Main method: This method will be called first when the application is run – it is the entry point of the application. It is static and declared as a class or … Continue reading Hello World Console App C#